“I believe in yoga as a centering, transformative, healing practice that not only strengthens and relaxes the body, but also calms and sharpens the mind towards one’s true nature and our undeniable interconnectedness. The tools of yoga are many and transitions in life are constant. Every time we roll out our mats, we reconnect to the greatest gift of all… the present moment.”


     A yoga practitioner for 20 years, and a certified instructor since 2015, Danielle is committed to a focus on alignment and breath-guided introspection throughout practice. She received her 200hr certification with Meghan Maris and Scott Lennartz at Portland’s Yoga Bhoga studio and is dedicated to studying all 8 limbs of practice.

     Waking up early to chant with her best friend’s mother at Kundalini classes first opened the door to her path, in her hometown of Rochester, NY. From there, she branched into Iyengar /  Hatha practices and began studying Yogic philosophy, while also enjoying the creative vinyasa-inspired flows led by her dance teachers throughout her nearly 30 years of dance experience.

     Danielle received her BFA in mixed-media and performance art and relocated from NY to Portland in 2007. In 2009 she began extensive touring throughout the US ad Europe with an eclectic music & dance ensemble. After years of travel, she has decided to put down roots in Vancouver, WA and devote herself to teaching. When she’s not in the studio, on a stage, with her nose in a book, or chasing after her toddler, she’s fully immersed in the forests of the Pacific North West.

Teaching Style

Danielle currently teaches Hatha, HathaFlow, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga. “Hatha” practice has space around the postures: longer holds, focus on stilling the mind with breath, and time for building alignment… while “Vinyasa” moves more swiftly between the postures and focuses on sequencing and transitions with a flowing feel. HathaFlow is a combination of the two, grounded and fluid! Restorative yoga is a deep and transformative way to teach the body and to relax and renew on subtle levels.

A trained dancer since age 7, the mind-body-spirit connection has been an important part of her life and career as a physical artist. Yoga has been formative for her in developing practices designed to balance and stabilize, lengthen and strengthen, slow yet energize, restore and repair.

Danielle incorporates yogic philosophy, pranayama (breath-work), and asana (postures) into each of her classes. Students will experience many notes on mindfulness, intentional physical alignment, and energy engagement throughout class. Her classes encourage us to give ourselves the time to really observe our present mind/body state, thereby allowing for a healthy and centered practice. When applicable, she loves incorporating her training in dance, somatics, pilates, and improvisational art practices into her classes.

Danielle truly enjoys the grounded tranquility of classic asana practices connected to slow… deep… intentional breathing. She strives to create a safe space for all students, offering variations and incorporating props for any asana. She values the power of silence as opening the door to the observational mind, and aims to meet each student wherever they are at on their path with love and trust.

Personal Credo

I teach yoga to facilitate a time, space, and physical practice where people of all walks of life can come to know themselves on deeper levels. 

I teach yoga to encourage fullness of breath and gratitude for life.

I teach yoga to connect with others on the path of conscious living.

I am honored to guide others in the realm of yoga. Reminding us all of breath and body connection. Observing the true nature of our minds as we find our steadiness in each asana, pranayama, or dharana. It is very important to me to teach from a present-moment mindset related to the students and locale *without* disregarding the Indian culture where yoga was born.

~Sat Nam~

Danielle Elizabeth Yoga

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