Winter Solstice

Welcome the return of the sun!

Winter Solstice ~ Sun Salutation from Danielle Elizabeth on Vimeo.
There is still much winter ahead of us, but on the solstice we are reminded that from this point onward, days begin to get longer – our part of the world a little lighter. This is not to negate the importance of darkness however. Winter is an inspirational time for practicing Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses. A turning inward, deepening of our personal connection with ourselves, tending the spark of the spirit, and meeting the parts of ourself we often keep in shadow. The darkness is just as valid and just as necessary as the light, as Hatha yoga teaches us to find balance between “Ha”the sun and “Tha”the moon -whose existence is most visible and most brilliant while the sun is away. This winter may you find understanding by courageously spending time with darkness, some rest and rejuvenation, peace and comfort, and may your inner fire keep you warm and bright while our outward sun is resting. Namaste

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