On The Shores

On The Shores of What We Think We Know : a message to my Ego.


On the shores of what you think you know.
You. Don’t.
Each wave that laps at your feet, takes
your opinions and plans back out to sea
no more thank grains of sand.
Liquid love, Laughing.

On the shores of what you think you know.
All. Is. Lost. But. everything Can be found,
right there, squished between your toes
foam frolicking up your shins.
Foam finds freedom, friends!

The sea air is intelligent, ask it, and it will Tell you…
But you’ll forget when the next wave comes crashing.

The fish know, well enough, not to get too close to the shore.
This tide of  tempestuous transition. This threshold of
life and death.

But. this is where I like to stand. Talking to her, Listening to her Breathe,
Gazing out into the invisible-indivisible  horizon.

Willfully  forgetting all I think I know, on the shores of
true sanity.

~Danielle Elizabeth      1.2.2016

seattle shore

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