Winter Teaching Schedule

winter late sit.jpgWinter, a time to turn inward and reflect… Humans are social creatures however, and while it is important to respect our desires for solitude, seasonal hibernation need not restrict us to our homes and offices. A way to keep your body and mind healthy is to let community inspire you by attending weekly classes!

My winter class schedule is:
Mondays 9:30-10:45am (Hatha Flow)
Saturdays 9-10am (Vinyasa)

Sundays 5pm Unfolding The Path Specialty Series in January 2019

Above classes @ Body Bliss Yoga Studio
3307 Evergreen Way Suite 603,
Washougal, WA 98671

I am always available for Private and Small Group lessons as well. Write to me anytime at

Happy Winter!

Yoga of motherhood


image.jpegIt seems there is no greater practice that I have experienced, than the yoga of motherhood. The greatest most joyful surrender. The deepest most humbling service. All limbs of yoga are touched upon with the first spark of new life, and all limbs are diligently worked daily with the first shared breath and gaze.

Sat Nam!

On The Shores

On The Shores of What We Think We Know : a message to my Ego.


On the shores of what you think you know.
You. Don’t.
Each wave that laps at your feet, takes
your opinions and plans back out to sea
no more thank grains of sand.
Liquid love, Laughing.

On the shores of what you think you know.
All. Is. Lost. But. everything Can be found,
right there, squished between your toes
foam frolicking up your shins.
Foam finds freedom, friends!

The sea air is intelligent, ask it, and it will Tell you…
But you’ll forget when the next wave comes crashing.

The fish know, well enough, not to get too close to the shore.
This tide of  tempestuous transition. This threshold of
life and death.

But. this is where I like to stand. Talking to her, Listening to her Breathe,
Gazing out into the invisible-indivisible  horizon.

Willfully  forgetting all I think I know, on the shores of
true sanity.

~Danielle Elizabeth      1.2.2016

seattle shore

Winter Solstice

Welcome the return of the sun!

Winter Solstice ~ Sun Salutation from Danielle Elizabeth on Vimeo.
There is still much winter ahead of us, but on the solstice we are reminded that from this point onward, days begin to get longer – our part of the world a little lighter. This is not to negate the importance of darkness however. Winter is an inspirational time for practicing Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses. A turning inward, deepening of our personal connection with ourselves, tending the spark of the spirit, and meeting the parts of ourself we often keep in shadow. The darkness is just as valid and just as necessary as the light, as Hatha yoga teaches us to find balance between “Ha”the sun and “Tha”the moon -whose existence is most visible and most brilliant while the sun is away. This winter may you find understanding by courageously spending time with darkness, some rest and rejuvenation, peace and comfort, and may your inner fire keep you warm and bright while our outward sun is resting. Namaste


Ladybug from under words

Inspiration is really an act of intense observation.  The better we are at being present and able to openly witness the world around us, the more frequently and profoundly we are apt to be inspired. Self-awareness and clear outward-facing observation are two main aspects/goals of yoga. We need both to bring us to a state of unity and they both require courageous action informed by our practice.

Photo from 1847 E. Burnside Community Garden in Portland, OR
Zen quotation from Frederick Franck’s book The Zen of Seeing


1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
2. the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

It’s interesting how the two actually relate! I frequently notice, when moved by a dance, connecting with a poem, or struck with a positive and exciting idea… I inhale. Observe this for yourself. An image comes to mind of a child making a new discovery of a bug in the garden, or their face upon seeing a friend, they are often wide-eyed and take in a gasp of excited breath…

The following is a collection of photos I have taken and paired with quotations, affirmations, and/or insights I find inspirational, related to the study of yoga… May you enjoy, and breath deeply.