Unfolding the Path

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New Series (highlight on the Kosas) Begins May 5th, 2019!
at Body Bliss Yoga

MAY 2019 PHILOSOPHY FOCUS: The Kosas (koshas)

Yogis define 5 sheaths (or layers) of our being. When harmonized, being able to observe and project clearly through all 5 sheaths brings us closer to living with our true nature. We will practice Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing), and Dharana (meditation-prep) inspired by tuning into each of the kosas. Each class we will learn about one sheath and share some ideas for related “off the mat” practices. Read on for more info.

Optional book to support the practice: Light on Life by B.K.S. Iyengar.

Class Details:
All Sundays in May, 2019 from 5-6pm
$45/series-bodybliss member • $60/series-nonmember • $15/drop-in
Wear yoga clothes, bring a notebook and pen


Patanjali, one of the most prominent Indian sages of ancient times who wrote The Yoga Sutras, describes 8 limbs of yoga which work together to generate a heightened state of mindfulness, yet most of us westerners focus our practice on only one – asana (the physical postures). “Unfolding The Path” series focuses on expanding and integrating our asana practice with aspects from the other limbs of yoga which are:
Yama & Niyama – personal and societal ethics
Pranayama – energy and breath expansion
Pratyahara – turning inward, withdrawing the senses from external distraction
Dharana – concentration, preparation/practice for meditation
Dhyana – meditation, sustained one pointed focus
Samhadi – complete integration, enlightenment, bliss


What to expect in class…
Each class students will be introduced to an aspect of Yoga philosophy, led through basic Pranayama and brief Asana, and conclude with Dharana. Dhyana and Samhadi are very advanced practices/states and we will not be covering these in this intro series.

What are the benefits…
Integrating the multiple aspects of Yoga philosophy and techniques in developing a mindfulness practice can help reduce stress, boost positive productivity, keep us safer in vinyasa and hatha classes, and raise compassion for ourselves and others. Learning to calm and focus the mind with breath awareness is a powerful tool for observation of our personal reality. Being aware of our thoughts without attaching ourselves to the storyline helps us stay present and have a “big picture” mindset.

Dedicating ourselves to a weekly session, in a supportive community environment, can help set us on a track for success with consistent practice, and introduce ideas for deeper home practice and continued self-guided study.

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